What is Photo Trekker?

Photo Trekker is a collection fine art photography, documentaries, and motion time-lapse films that focus on the creative & inspiring world of photography. Discover stunning landscape photography, epic time-lapses & documentary films showcasing what it’s like traveling to these places, capturing that perfect shot. Created by photographer Keith Kiska, Photo Trekker is a catalyst to share his photographic and cinematic vision with the world. With the help of the tech-savvy, shooter & editor Kyle Rhoderick, the Photo Trekker team is constantly ahead of the curve, experimenting with the latest technology and adapting it to the most challenging conditions.



Keith Kiska Photography

Keith Kiska is a professional photographer with a background in video production and design. In an attempt to share his photographic vision, he developed “Photo Trekker,” a documentary series that captures amazing imagery in a way that immerses his audience in the experience.

As a photographer he sensed there was much more to the experience of “Nature Photography” than could be captured in a single image. The sense of space, the rushing sound of blistering desert wind, and the movement and depth of a cascading waterfall are all missing from photography, but not in the world of video; a world that Keith knows well.

The series blends all the artistic mediums about which Keith is passionate; photography, video production, time-lapse photography, motion graphics, editing, and writing. What better subject than documenting his adventures to the country’s vast wilderness in search of that perfect photograph. It is the only place he can tell the story he is truly passionate about, and bring his experiences to the world and hopefully inspire everyone to treasure our environment for generations to come.

“The heart of a photographer exists within these lands, they capture us, and we
in turn capture them. Immortalizing them as creative works of the human spirit. “
-Keith Kiska – Photo Trekker Season 2: The American West

Awards & Publications

  • 2013 Gold Award – TIVA-DC – Director of Photography
  • 2013 Highly Honored Winner – Nature’s Best Awards / Smithsonian
  • 2013 Winner – Short Doc  – Moondance Film Festival
  • 2013 Official Selection – Chronos Film Festival
  • 2013 Telly Award – Silver – Film / Cinematography
  • 2013 Telly Award – Silver – Nature / Wildlife
  • 2013 Telly Award – Silver – Online / Cinematography
  • 2013 Telly Award – Bronze – Nature / Wildlife
  • 2013 Telly Award – Bronze – Documentary
  • 2011 Telly Award – Silver – Cinematography
  • 2010 Peer Award – TIVA-DC – Internet / Entertainment
  • 2006 Guru Award – NAPP – Photography

Featured Projects 



The most indispensable piece of gear in our arsenal is the Canon 5D Mark III. It serves as our main photography camera with a full frame sensor for peak image quality and size, and revolutionary video capabilities. Next is the L-Series lenses and top-of-the-line aerial choppers and motion controlled sliders. Finally, the actual outdoor gear; backpacks, navigation instruments, and the full array of hiking gear.

Keith Kiska’s Gear List


Future Treks

After the Photo Trekker team finished shooting all the footage, photos and time-lapses for Photo Trekker Season 3, Skyward, Arches, and Vegas they are wiped out. Having all those episodes in the can ready to edit, it’s time to put a hold on trekking and start editing. Hopefully they will hit Maroon Bells for a quick time-lapse and photography session in the fall.


Thanks to our sponsors we are able to experiment with new gear and techniques to expand our capabilities and stay ahead of the technology. With their support we will be able to have the equipment we need to get the job done. Look for product reviews and tutorials in the near future.