Skyward 4K presents “Skyward”, a 4K motion time-lapse film that captures some of the most majestic landscapes of America in stunning 4K resolution. Geared up with a Kessler Revolution 2 motorized head and a 5ft Cineslider, Keith Kiska and Kyle Rhoderick spent over 4 years to create this motion time-lapse film.
“This project is the culmination of all of our best nature time-Lapses to date. Since we first got my hands on Kessler’s new motorized head 4 years ago, we traveled all over the country for weeks at a time, subjecting our new gear to the harshest conditions we could find, in hopes of getting that perfect time-lapse.”
-Keith Kiska, Read all about the time-lapse adventure here.


Vegas 4K

Vegas 4K is a motion time-lapse film that captures the energy of Las Vegas in stunning 4K resolution. Geared up with an eMotimo TB3 motorized head and other time-lapse goodies from LensProToGo, the Photo Trekker team spent 5 days hitting the strip to create this motion time-lapse film. This film is the first of 3 motion time-lapse films to premiere before fall 2014 that are all shot and edited in 4K.

Want to see how a lot of the shots here were done? Check out the class “Shooting a Time-Lapse Movie with the Camera in Motion” with Rich Harrington and Keith Kiska here.


Season 2: The American West

Sculpted through the Millennia, the American West beckons photographers to explore, to brave the wild, and to capture it. This is what photographer Keith Kiska has set out to do. A one-month photographic expedition, spanning more than 8,000 miles, witnessing some of the most iconic visual wonders of the west.

“The heart of a photographer exists within these lands, they capture us, and we in turn capture them. Immortalizing them as creative works of the human spirit.”  –Keith Kiska

News & Updates

News – Web Launch 2013

With over 4 months of testing and designing we have a fully updated the site, adding a fully functional cart system for purchasing prints and tons more.

Premiere Night at the Artisphere!

This is a video highlighting the Premiere of “Photo Trekker 2 – The American West” at the Artisphere. Thanks again to everyone who came to show their support, we had a great time showing our film and can’t wait to do it again!

Season 1

Shenandoah National Park

As dawn rises over the Blue Ridge Mountains, I prepare to embark on another photographic adventure. Nestled along the Appalachian Trail in northern Virginia, Shenandoah National Park covers over 300 square miles of pristine wilderness. The park encompasses 9 waterfalls and miles of the famous skyline drive.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is a remote and barren land, home to the most blistering heat in the Western Hemisphere. As isolated as the face of the moon, this vast desert is surrounded by vibrantly colored badlands. Death Valley National Park is located in the Mojave Desert on the border of California and Nevada.

Catskill Mountains

First occupied by Native Americans more than 5,000 years ago, the Catskill Mountains are an extension of the Appalachian Mountains all the way into Upstate New York. Exploring the haunting lands of Rip Van Winkle will leave you lost in time. This is America’s first wilderness.

Acadia National Park

Throughout history, people have been drawn to this wild and rugged coastal island. With wildly vibrant fall colors, this place is a Mecca for nature photographers. Comprised of a cluster of islands off the coast of Maine, Acadia National Park catches the first light on the eastern seaboard, and was first home to the Wabanaki, or people of the dawn.